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Eye witness report from the SCK•CEN workshop

Eye witness report from the SCKCEN workshop on Radiation effects and plasma wall interaction

SCK•CEN hosted a two-day workshop on Radiation effects and plasma wall interaction in advanced materials for fusion applications from June 30 to July 1, 2016. All participants were welcomed by Dr. Terentyev (SCK•CEN), who provided them with general information about the scope of the meeting, and acknowledged the support of FuseNet and SCK•CEN. 

The first day of the meeting consisted of a number of high level presentations. In the morning an overview was given of the research capacity and facilities at the three laboratories (SCK-CEN, FOM and FJZ) that form the Trilateral Euregio Cluster (TEC). After lunch PhDs and young researchers, most of which are involved in the different EUROfusion work-packages such as WP-MAT, WP-DIV, WP-JET and WP-PFC, were given the opportunity to present their work.

For more information about the presentations and the excursion, please click one of the following links: