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Plasma Turbulence, Transport, and Heating


  1. Transport and Turbulence
  • Introduction: Energy confinement time – Transport – Instability – Anomalous transport – Instabilities in fusion plasmas – Models
  • The fluid model – Transport equations: Transport processes in a plasma, S. I. Braginskii, Reviews of Plasma Physics, NY, Vol. 1, p. 205 (1965)
  • Diffusion in weakly ionized gases: Fick’s law – Diffusion equation – Solving the diffusion equation – Diffusion across a magnetic field
  • Diffusion as a random walk: The mean square distance travelled by a particle as a result of random collisions – The diffusion equation
  • Coulomb collisions
  • Fully ionized plasmas – Classical and neoclassical transport: Classical diffusion coefficient – Classical thermal conductivity of a magnetized plasma – Neoclassical transport
  • The Fokker-Planck equation
  • Quasi-linear velocity space diffusion: Linear theory – The derivation of the quasi-linear diffusion equation – Conservation of energy – Behaviour of resonant particles
  • Anomalous transport: Electromagnetic fluctuations and associated transport – Mixing length estimate for the turbulence level
  1.  Heating
  • Physics of heating and current drive: wave propagation, wave-particle interactions (cut-offs and resonances, conversion processes).
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Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France