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Fusion devices

Course duration: February - May every year

Location: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

This is an accredited course at BME of 2 ECTS value taught by Gergo Pokol (BME) and guest lecturers.

Application is either through the Neptun system for BME students (code: BMETE80MD04 ) or by e-mail to for external students with information on your current position and previous plasma physics studies. Application deadline is 1st February, but please apply as soon as possible to help the organizers! The course itself is free but we cannot provide any additional funding for your stay. You might apply for funding by FUSENET:

Course plan

Lectures are on Mondays from 12:15 to 13:45. 

  • Week 1: Theory review (fuel flow, magentic confinement, transport, tokamak, stellarator),
  • Week 2: Technology review (vacuum, magnetic field, plasma heating, current drive, plasma diagnostics),
  • Week 3: Stellarators (history, Wendelstein line, stellarator taxonomy), 
  • Week 4: Wendelstein 7-X stellarator,
  • Week 5: Tokamaks and piches (history, tokamak taxonomy, JET), 
  • Week 6: ITER (goals, structure, status), 
  • Week 7: DEMO, Fusion Roadmap,
  • Week 8: Middle-sized tokamak program,
  • Week 9: Spheromaks, spherical tokamaks, US fusion program, 
  • Week 10: Far-East superconducting tokamaks, 
  • Week 11: Tokamak simulation exercise, 
  • Week 12: Final exam
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Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary