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13th Carolus Magnus Summer School on Plasma and Fusion Energy Physics

The Carolus Magnus Summer School is devoted to the theoretical and experimental aspects of high temperature plasmas confined in toroidal magnetic fields. The school has a focus on the physics of energy production using controlled nuclear fusion. Although the emphasis is laid on tokamaks, stellarators are also discussed. 

The Laboratory for Plasma Physics of the ERM/KMS Brussels and the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK•CEN at Mol, the Institute for Energy and Climate Research - Plasma Physics at Research Centre Jülich, and the FOM Institute DIFFER in Nieuwegein are associated in the "Trilateral Euregio Cluster" (TEC), which organises the Carolus Magnus Summer Schools every two years, usually in September.

The Carolus Magnus Summer School is primarily intended for Ph.D students as well as for undergraduate students who will become Ph.D students after the present academic year. Experienced scientists  with background in different disciplines that recently entered the fields of plasma physics or nuclear fusion will also benefit from this school. An overview of the various interconnected research domains is presented, but the Carolus Magnus Summer School also describes the latest developments on the way to the fusion power plant.

The Carolus Magnus Summer School on Plasma and Fusion Energy Physics is organised by the partners in the Trilateral Euregio Cluster (TEC) and the euroregional universities.

3 September, 2018 to 14 September, 2018
Weert, The Netherlands