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30th Symposium on Fusion Technology

The 30th Symposium on Fusion Technology will be held in Giardini Naxos, Sicily,Italy from the 16th to the 21st of September 2018. The event is organised by the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energ and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA). The event is held biennialy and is addressed to scientists, engineers and industry representatives.

The topics that will be presented are the following:

  1. Experimental Fusion Devices and Supporting Facilities
  2. Plasma Heating and Current Drive
  3. Plasma Engineering and CODAC
  4. Diagnostics
  5. Magnets and Power Supplies
  6. Plasma Facing Components
  7. Vessel/In-Vessel Engineering and Remote Handling
  8. Fuel Cycle and Breeding Blankets
  9. Materials Technology
  10. Power Plants Safety and Environment, Socio-Economics and Technology Transfer
  11. Laser and Accelerator Technologies

At the begining of the Symposium on 16th September there will be a PhD poster prize session. You can find further information about the prize and the participation process here.

Abstract submission opens: 22nd of January 2018

Registration will start in March, the exact date will be announced by the organizers here.

Early registration deadline: 22nd June 2018

Early registration fee: 700€,  for students: 400€ (Accomodation not included)

You can also follow this twitter account to get updates on the event.

16 September, 2018 to 21 September, 2018
Giardini Naxos,Sicily, Italy