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Master thesis candidate in the area of edge-plasma physics in magnetic fusion devices

The Fusion and Plasma Physics Group at Aalto University and the School of Science / Department of Applied Physics is seeking a

Master of Science (M.Sc.) candidate in the area of edge-plasma physics in magnetic fusion devices

The group focuses on experimental and computational plasma physics in magnetically confined fusion experiments. The M.Sc. project targets to improve understanding of impurity transport in the edge plasma of the JET tokamak by interpretative analysis of measurements and predictions from state-of-the-art numerical simulations.

The goal of these studies is the validation of impurity transport calculations for JET toward controlling the core plasma impurity content. Prior knowledge in plasma physics, e.g., through the courses in Fundamentals in Plasmas Physics and Fusion Technology, and previous summer internships is beneficial.

Job description

The successful candidate will be trained in edge plasma physics by both conducting theoretical calculations and interpreting predictions from plasma edge codes. The edge fluid code EDGD2D-EIRENE and the Monte-Carlo code DIVIMP will be used to predict and contrast the tungsten concentration in JET low-confinement plasmas given the two numerical approaches. These results will be compared to available experimental data.

The candidate will be working in a team of senior and junior research members toward development and implementation of new physics models in these computational tools. The successful candidate is expected to document the research, to discuss the results within the fusion group through seminars, and to present a thesis at the end of the six-month M.Sc. thesis period.

While the primary location of the studies is the Aalto University Otaniemi campus in Espoo, the research is carried out in close collaboration with the JET tokamak facility in the UK.


As a successful candidate for this position, you should have:

• B.Sc. degree in pure or applied physics, or a related physics or energy field

• Experience in programming languages, such as Fortran

• Experience with data analysis programming languages, such as Python, IDL or Matlab

• Adequate verbal and written communication skills in English necessary to work in a multidisciplinary team, to author technical and scientific reports and publications, and to deliver scientific presentations

Experience in large-volume data analysis, computational physics or high-performance computing is highly desirable.

The primary language of communication within the Fusion and Plasma Physics Group is English.

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23 February, 2018
Aalto University, Finland