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23rd Joint EU-US Transport Task Force Meeting

Hosted by the University of Seville, the 23rd Joint EU-US TTF meeting will address the following topics relevant to transport within magnetically confined fusion devices:

  • Neoclassical, Turbulent and MHD induced transport
  • SOL, pedestal and core.
  • Measurements, experiments, modelling and theory.

An overview of the topics and the plenary speakers can be found in this link.

Registration deadline: 30th April 2018.

Registration fee: 260 Euros and covers all the conference service along with a conference dinner and welcome cocktail.

11 September, 2018 to 14 September, 2018
Avenida de María Luisa s/n C.P: 41013 Seville, Spain
Organizing Institution: 
University of Seville, Spain