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3rd European Conference on Plasma Diagnostics

The ECPD will take place in alternate years with respect to the High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics (HTPD) conference in the USA.

There will be three prizes (350 euros each), sponsored by EPS, for the best poster for students.


  • Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MCF)
  • Beam Plasmas and Inertial Fusion (BPIF)
  • Low-Temperature and Industrial Plasmas (LTIP)
  • Basic and Astrophysical Plasmas (BAP)

Registration fee: For students: 150,00 € (For students who are EPS members:120,00 €)

More information can be found here.

6 May, 2019 to 10 May, 2019
Lisbon, Portugal
Organizing Institution: 
Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal