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Yacopo Damizia - attendee Summer School St. Petersburg

The Summer School in St. Petersburg was amazing. I had the possibility to meet more people from different countries. The city of San Petersburg is very big and fantastically full of activities and attractions. The volunteers of the polytechnic were available and nice, and they helped the students with everything. They accompanied us to visit the city and they were excellent guides as well as good friends. The courses have been very interesting and the professors, really competent, came from all parts of the world. I followed the lessons every days and on the weekend the university had organized some visits to a nuclear power plant, museum,and around the city of St. Petersburg. This experience taught me a lot, it’s improved my skills in the English language and in the nuclear field, it allowed me to make new international friendships and compare my thinking and my knowledge in nuclear physics with different cultures. I recommend this summer school to all student because is very formative on a personal and study level.

- Yacopo Damizia