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Mladen Mitov - attendee Summer School on Plasma Physics by Sofia University

From 10th to 17th of June 2018 I participated in 8th International Workshop and Summer School on Plasma Physics organized by Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in Kiten. The event was supported by FuseNet. The lectures on the summer school were separated in 3 topics:

  • Fusion Plasma and Materials;
  • Plasma Modelling and Fundamentals;
  • Plasma Sources, Diagnostics and Technology.

There were also 2 workshops. I participated in the workshop: Remote GOLEM operation. All the students at the summer school participated in this workshop. During the workshop we were able to operate the GOLEM TOKAMAK, situated in Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic.

Most of the lectures were interesting for me, but most helpful and interesting were the one related to fusion devices (TOKAMAK) and plasma diagnostics. We also had a funny moment. One of the days there was an interruption of the power supply for half an hour, but the lectures continued. [see photo below, ed.] Apart from the lectures we had some free time in Kiten. Every day we had time for free discussions which were mostly on the beach.

Also we had a welcome party and official dinner. The organizers made their best to make our stay in Kiten and our participation in this summer school amazing. The official dinner was on 13th of June. There were a lot of Bulgarian traditional dances and plenty of good conversations with the other participants.

I would like to end this report by thanking FuseNet for its financial support.

-Mladen Mitov