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Álvaro Cubí - intership at IPP

Hello! My name is Álvaro Cubí and I studied a double master degree in nuclear and industrial engineering in Barcelona. At the time to decide where to do the Master's thesis I had the wonderful opportunity to do an internship at the Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics in Garching bei Munchen, Germany. For six months I lived in Munich while developing a methodology for the preparation of neutronic simulations with MCNP for the DEMO NBI. There I worked in a scientific environment where the transmission of technical information was one of the key points.

I received a warm welcome at the ITED department where I worked and we enjoyed several barbecues and group excursions to the mountains. Munich is a beautiful and very clean city where you can enjoy the typical beer or go for a walk around Marienplatz. However, the activity I enjoyed the most is bouldering. This modality of climbing can be done either indoors or outdoors in one of the many climbing gyms of the city as climbing is very popular there.

Thanks to the economic help provided by FuseNet my stay abroad was easier and I could focus more intensely on my experience in both the fusion research field and the city exploring and activities.

- Álvaro Cubí