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Course: regulation and its application in Nuclear Projects

Course Outline

The course is directed towards engineers that are employed by the ITER Organization, Fusion for Energy, or their sub-contractors in the ITER project (down to the lowest level, i.e. in the supply chain), or in any other supply chain company active in fission new build projects. Preferably they should be active in ITER (or any other fission/fusion new build) related design, procurement, manufacturing, construction, assembly, and commissioning of ITER (or fission/fusion new build) equipment.

The course will impart specific knowledge on nuclear licensing and the impact of licensing requirements on the design as well as on subsequent down-stream activities. Furthermore, it will be complemented by additionally training the skills that are necessary in the nuclear environment of a fission or fusion project like ITER.

Course Content

1. Introduction to and overview of national / international nuclear law(s) and related regulation, involved national and international organizations (e.g. ASN, IAEA),
2. Main licensing activities / deliverables / responsibilities,
3. Overview of Codes and Standards (C&S) and introduction to relevant C&S, their impact on regulation or licensing,
4. Introduction to and overview of nuclear risks, safety objectives, and derived requirements,
5. Basic safety principles: management / technology / process oriented (e.g. defense in depth),
6. Introduction to (deterministic and probabilistic) safety analysis and related tools used by different technical disciplines for simulations in support of licensing,
7. How to integrate nuclear regulation requirements into fusion projects, and perform requirements management.
8. How to apply nuclear regulation requirements in design/manufacturing/construction/assembly/commissioning activities.

Requested background

The targeted trainees should have undergone a suitable technical engineering education, preferably in a technical subject matter important for their actual job position. They shall be able to understand the basic design of a power plant and its systems and components, and the technical basics (physics/chemistry resp. design/operation) of a nuclear (fission or fusion) reactor.

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In order to apply for this course, please enrol at the ANNETTE application page (link at the bottom) and then contact Goerge Baltin (E:

Course fee

The course is offered as part of the ANNETTE-project and there is no course fee for the participant. However, participants will need to pay for travel, accommodation and meals.


For questions and further information, please contact:

Goerge Baltin
Course Manager at Framatome Training Center Germany

11 February, 2019 to 12 February, 2019
Framatome, Karlstein, Germany
Organizing Institution: 
Framatome (former AREVA), Germany