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  • Fusion in vitro? (January 2019)
Simulations of JET using novel simulation software in which plasma modelling meets ray tracing

"What does fusion look like if we could watch all the way inside?" was what CCFE scientist Dr Alex Meakins wondered. No sooner said than done, he simulated what JET would look like during operation if it were made entirely of... glass. The simulations were made to display the versatility of new software currently under development at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy called CHERAB. It provides the fusion diagnostics community with answers to an old problem: how does light reflect inside a reactor? This reflection seriously hampers plasma diagnostics. Combining plasma modelling with ray-tracing techniques CHERAB simulates how light reflects from walls using realistic material properties, giving us an insight in how light bounces around the vessel and what this means for plasma diagnostics.

It sure makes for some beautiful pictures. Tony Stark, anyone?

Location Photo
Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Culham Centre for Fusion Energy / EUROfusion

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