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  • PlasmaSurf Summer School 2019

PlasmaSurf Summer School 2019

PlasmaSurf is a summer school on plasma physics, intense lasers and nuclear fusion, tailored for BSc/MSc engineering and physics students. It is a great opportunity to get an insight into these topics with a view to a future career, or to complement your curricular training by broadening your knowledge in an exciting and forefront area of physics.

Summer Course Programme

The regular course, worth 1,5 ECTS, covers the basics of plasma physics, high power lasers and nuclear fusion, giving students the opportunity to get in touch with a wide range of interesting and cutting-edge topics. Who knows, you may find here the idea that will become your Master or or PhD thesis!

The lectures will be offered in self-contained modules, Monday through Friday, including some pratical lectures on remote laboratories, data analysis and computer science. Late afternoons are focused on joint/coaching activities, some involving the lecturers too.

Key topics include:

  • Introduction to Plasma Physics
  • Magnetic and inertial Nuclear Fusion
  • High power and ultrashort Lasers
  • Large international experiments involving Plasma Science


For the specifics of how to apply, click the link at the bottom of this page and surf to 'How to apply'. At least 140 ECTS need to have been obtained prior to the course. The deadline for applications is May 10th, 2019.