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17th SUMmer TRAIning Course (SUMTRAIC) 2019

SUMTRAIC is an experimental SUMmer TRAIning Course in plasma physics in magnetic confinement fusion devices (tokamaks) organised annually at the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague (IPP CAS), Czech Republic.

The centre of gravity of this summer school lays in the direct involvement of the participants in the processing and analysis of experimental data from the COMPASS tokamak or even in the participation in the experiments, when compatible with the experimental program. COMPASS is one of the leading devices among smaller tokamaks in the world, with an experimental program focused on plasma-wall interaction, edge plasma physics, H-mode and runaway electrons.

This year, SUMTRAIC will be organised from August 26th until September 6th and will be focused on data analysis of the latest experiments at COMPASS.

A symbolic fee to cover the administrative expenses is set to 50€ per student.

The topics of the SUMTRAIC 2018 (see 2018 group photo above) reflects the various and advanced fields of reasearch of COMPASS and have included:

  • Search for stationary zonal flows at the plasma edge using a so called rake probe head,
  • Investigation of plasma rotation by optical diagnostic
  • Sawtooth simulations with the code Raptor,
  • Power decay length measurements by mean of an infrared camera and divertor probes,
  • Study of the scrape-off layer turbulence, ELM detection and precursors of ELMs by mean of Lithium beam diagnostic,
  • Measurements of filamentary structures by a so called U-probe,
  • Investigation of L-mode plasma performance using Neutral beam injectors,
  • SOL current measurements thanks to a 5 segment floating divertor tile.

Similar topics will be available this year, depending on the scientific COMPASS program. The final list of topics for SUMTRAIC 2019 will be adapted to the number of participants and will be released shortly before the summer school. Here find a report from two former 2018 SUMTRAIC students from MEPhI university in Russia.


26 August, 2019 to 6 September, 2019
Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague (IPP CAS), Czech Republic
Organizing Institution: 
Institute for Plasma Physics Prague, Czech Republic