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  • NARSIS Workshop

NARSIS Workshop

The international workshop Training on Probabilistic Safety Assessment for Nuclear Facilities" (PSANF) is the first workshop organized in the framework of the NARSIS H2020 Project.

The workshop is dedicated to researchers and engineers interested in the Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) and mainly for:

  • young researchers
  • young engineers
  • master students
  • PhD students
  • people starting a career in various field of probabilistic safety assessment for nuclear facilities

Its aim is to provide an introduction to the State-of-the-Art PSA methods and tools dedicated for nuclear installations. The workshop will provide background and understanding of modern PSA approach. However, practitioners willing to increase their knowledge are also welcome. The workshop is focused on Nuclear Installations and will be conducted by experienced researchers. People interested in different areas of PSA are also welcome.

Preliminary agenda
To view the preliminary agenda, click here.

How to apply?
To apply to the NARSIS Workshop, click here.