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Winter School Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

The course is intended as the first plasma physics course however it is also suitable for senior undergraduate students and graduate students.

  • Plasma phenomena on Earth and in the Universe; historical overview of plasma physics; contemporary research areas and technological applications of plasmas; studies of controlled nuclear fusion.
  • Definition of plasma; quasineutrality, Debye length, plasma frequency.
  • Coulomb collisions, Rutherford’s formula, Coulomb logarithm
  • Motion of a single charged particle in magnetic field; Larmor radius, drifts, magnetic traps. 
  • Controlled nuclear fusion; Lawson criterion and ignition criterion.
  • Principles of plasma heating with electromagnetic waves and neutral beam injection. 
  • Principles of plasma diagnostics, active and passive measurements, line-integral data, Doppler broadening.
27 January, 2020 to 7 February, 2020
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Organizing Institution: 
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnical University, Russia