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Antonio De Falco - MSc thesis at IST Lisbon

I spent six months in Lisbon at ISTTOK tokamak for my master thesis in Automation Engineering. Lisbon is an awesome city: there are a lot of attractions, a lot of events every day and people are very kind. I also visited some other cities in Portugal such us Oporto and Coimbra. I knew a lot of people in Lisbon, most of them were students from other universities, but of course I knew also a lot of engineering students and professors.

The ISTTOK Tokamak Laboratory is very welcoming, the environment is exciting and Professors are helpful. Thanks to this experience I learned how to use Python and I improved my Matlab skills. Moreover I learned how nuclear fusion works and increased my knowledge of physics. At ISTTOK I developed an algorithm for real-time estimation of plasma current centroid position. During my word I was helped by my co-supervisor how was a PhD student; her help was decisive for the result of my thesis.

- Antonio De Falco