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The FuseNet FP7 Project

Information about FUSENETThe aim of the FuseNet project was the establishment of a European Fusion Education Network (FuseNet) for education in fusion science and technology, in order to increase, enhance, and broaden fusion training and education activities in Europe.

FuseNet started in October 2008 as a Coordination and Support Action under the seventh Framework Programme, with financial support of the European Commission. The project consisted of eleven focused work packages, with a total budget of 2 Million Euro. The project ran until October 2013 and has brought together a broad representation from the European fusion community with 36 participants from 18 countries, of which 22 Universities and 14 Euratom Associations.

The project consisted of four groups of coordination actions:

  1. the establishment and running of the FuseNet network;
  2. development of individual learning opportunities and common educational goals;
  3. development of educational materials and hands-on experiments;
  4. and funding of joint educational activities.

After the project ended in October 2013, the FuseNet Association continued its activities as an independent legal entity.

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