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Industry Contact

The FUSENET Association is an independent legal entity that was founded in December 2010 to provide a platform for the coordination of European fusion education activities, as a sustainable continuation of the EU FP7 FUSENET programme. The overall theme is focused on training the ITER generation, in which industry naturally should have a prominent role.

The FUSENET project was originally started with 36 participants from 18 countries, i.e. 22 Universities and 14 Euratom Associations, but the FUSENET Association membership is open to all parties having a role in the fusion education in a broad sense, including industry. FUSENET covers all education levels, from Master and PhD students to Post-docs.

Industry and Business Opportunities in European Fusion Education

By connecting to industry, FUSENET wants to close the bridge between the educational system and the engineering needs in industry, so that we can prepare a new generation of high quality students that are ready to take on the challenges that large projects such as ITER and Wendelstein 7-X require.

Activities of FUSENET, in which industry can participate, collaborate, sponsor, advise or take interest in:

  • Internships for students in industry
  • Research collaboration with industry for PhD students
  • Fusenet supports joint educational activities, such as summer schools and workshops
  • Fusenet supports individual learning opportunities
  • Fusenet partners share joint materials and set up hands-on experiments for students
  • Outreach and posting news on its activities and collaborations on the FUSENET website.
  • FUSENET has established EU-wide ambitious criteria for the award of Fusion Science and Technology Master & PhD certificates.

We encourage all companies with business that relate to fusion engineering, to take the opportunity to get in touch with FUSENET.
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