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Plasma Physics II

Aim of the course is the learning of the fundamentals of plasma physics (motion of the charges, statistical properties, fluid description, collisional processes) with special attention to TOKAMAK plasmas.

Among the subject of the course, there are:
-motion of charges in electromagnetic field (motion of the guiding center; invariance of the magnetic moment; adiabatic invariants; examples of trajectories of particles in the tokamak)
-statistical properties of the plasmas
-fluid description of the plasma (fluid equations; equations of state and resistivity; equilibrium MHD; equilibrium of a TOKAMAK)
-Collisional processes in plasma (collisional processes with neutral particles and Coulomb collisions; resistivity and diffusion)
-energy transport
-Fokker-Plank equation

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy