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Continuum Mechanics

The following subjects are treated in the course:
• Basic concepts in differential geometry, Cartesian and curvilinear tensors, Lagrange
and Euler coordinates
• Strain tensor, deformation, conservation laws, constitutive equations
• Linear elasticity, Navier equations (fiber composites, wall materials for fusion reactors), elastic waves, principles of viscoelasticity (polymers) and plasticity, structural engineering (shell theory: bridges, airplane wings)
• Newtonian fluid mechanics, Navier-Stokes equations, ideal fluids (Bernoulli’s law) and waves
• Viscous fluids, laminar flow, turbulent flow, boundary layer, aerodynamics
• Electromagnetic continuum in plasmas (solar wind, solar magnetism, stellar stability,
planetary magnetosphere, fusion devices), magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), spectral
theory, instabilities, resistive MHD, equilibrium in toroidal plasmas (tokamak
plasmas), waves in plasmas
• Relativistic continuum, energy-momentum tensor, Einstein field equations,
• Cosmology

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Ghent University, Belgium