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Introduction to thermonuclear fusion

Criteria for fusion ignition, fusion in stars, priniciples of plasma confinement in magnetic field (mirrors, pinches, stellarators, tokamaks), principles of inertial plasma confinement, alternative concepts, present fusion research facilities and project (including ITER), plasma heating and control, fusion technology, future fusion power plants

G McCracken, P E Stott: Fusion - the energy of the universe. Elsevier 2005 ISBN 012481851X (Czech edition in print); C M Braams, P E Stott: Nuclear Fusion, Half a Century of Magnetic Confinement Fusion Research, IoP 2002, ISBN 0750307056; AA Harms et al: Principles of Fusion Energy, World Scientific Publ. 2000, ISBN 981-02-4335-9

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Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic