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Historical and social aspects of fusion

1) The basic stones of nuclear fusion (A Einstein, A Eddinkton, F Aston).
2) The beginnings of controlled fusion (SSSR, UK, USA).
3) The Lavrentiev and Richter story.
4) The Lawson criterion story.
5) The logic of fusion research development (from pinch to tokamak).
6) Some priorities of Soviet Union on fusion research development (Harwell, tokamak, ITER).
7) The lapses in fusion research development (E. Rutherford, J. Peron, ZETA, +false trails?).
8) Breakdown: 3rd Conf.on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fuasion Research, Novosibirsk 1968 (L. A. Artsimovich, tokamak T3.temperature measurement).
9) The project ITER history (INTOR, ITER1998, ITER2001, place selection, agreement).
10) The fusion research development history in Czech Republic (IVE, IPP, CASTOR, Association EURATOM, COMPASS D)
11) The controlled fusion popularization in Czech Republic (before and after November 89, abroad)
12) The controlled fusion and the renewable sources.
13) The controlled fusion and the society.
14) Inertial Electrostatical Confinement

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Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic