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Let your organisation become member of the network!

What we do

The FuseNet Association stimulates, supports and coordinates fusion education in Europe, with the aim to attract good students to fusion and to provide them with a challenging educating in fusion.

FuseNet targets students mainly from high school to the PhD-level, with a strong emphasis on the university Master level. Members of FuseNet are universities that provide fusion education as well as research institutes and industry that is involved in Fusion and ITER. Membership is not restricted to European organisations.

The FuseNet Association is ready to take on a central role in the implementation of the training and education programme in the frame of H2020 and EFDA's Roadmap to the realisation of fusion energy.

Yearly Fee and sponsor options

Most of the work of the Association will be carried out on the basis of grants to be acquired, while a small membership fee ensures continuity of the core operations of the association (i.e. organisation of board meetings, office functions and maintaining the website). This yearly membership fee amounts to:

  • 750 euro for small institutes (<20 employees, and typical fee for all universities)
  • 1500 euro for medium-sized institutes (20-100 employees)
  • 3000 euro for large institutes (>100 employees)

In addition, the possibility is provided for Industry members and Research institutes to become an official sponsor of the FuseNet Association and buy a 'sponsor package' allowing them more exposure during FuseNet activities, advertisement on the FuseNet website and promotion of their traineeships.

Why become a member?

How to become a member

Becoming a member is easy: institutes (not individuals) can become a member simply by completing the following request form:

and simply emailing the form to the secretary of the association:

Feel free to also download this public flyer (PDF) with compact information on the FuseNet Association, or ask the Executive Office for more detailed information at