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Plasma diagnostics


  • Charged particles flux diagnostics in plasmas : Basic theory of Langmuir’s probes, I-V characteristics, plasma parameter measurements (electron density, electron temperature, electron velocity distribution function);
  • Radiation emission and electromagnetic probing of fusion plasmas : radiation emission of free electron in plasmas, electron cyclotron radiation, Bremsstrahlung from a plasma, Thomson scattering, interferometry reflectometry, polarimetry;
  • Radiation associated to free-bound and bound-bound transitions : recall in atomic, molecular physics and modelling, line emission :profiles and widening, plasma density and temperature measurements, experimentalist point of view, emission spectroscopy in reactive plasmas, vibration and rational line emission ; active plasma spectroscopy : absorption, laser induced fluorescence;
  • Electromagnetic probing in fusion plasmas.
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Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France