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Eye witness report from Culham Plasma Physics Summer School, part 3

FUSENET sponsors the Culham Plasma Physics Summer School in the UK. One of the students present, James Simpson, reports:

Wednesday 25th July

Today we had our final lectures plasma theory, which lead into an inspiring lecture on plasma turbulence given by Professor Steve Cowley the CEO of UKAEA, and then a lecture on diagnostics.

To round off an already brilliant day, we had a tour around JET the largest fusion reactor in the world. To quote one my friends Nikos Vergos: the closest to an experimentalist I’ll ever come :-P

Below you can see a full scale replica of the torus that is used for training purposes.

In the photo below you see lens flares from the original model of JET, that was used for designing purposes before the likes of CAD...

Today also was our unofficial last night together, and there were about 36 of us so we had a bit of a seating issue, but fortunately All Bar One managed to accommodate us. I had a really great time - it was wonderful for all us to be together on the second to last night.