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Online Plasma Calculator

Tool Name: The Warwick Plasma Calculator (WPC)

Author: Warwick University, United Kingdom.

Description: Web-based calculator that allows users to quickly find the value of basic plasma parameters based on one, two and three species uniform plasma fluid models. The calculator can be used in both cgs and SI units, and the user has access to default settings such as for 'tokamak' or 'solar corona' plasmas and can also create and save custom settings. Results can be exported to/imported from a self-contained PDF document.

This plasma calculator is a handy online tool that works well to make quick plasma calculations or verify results of manual calculations.  It can also be used as an educational tool for plasma courses, as it can help to review and practice basic plasma formulary.


  • Webbrowser with internet connection and Java Runtime Environment installed and enabled in the browser.

Start online:


The online plasma calculator was developed with support from FuseNet. The tool is available for usage online through the link above.

More online tools from Warwick University:

Warwick University also develops further tools such as a three-dimensional visualisation of tokamak flux surfaces, magnetic field lines and particle orbits and a tool for dispersion properties of plasma waves using a hot two fluid model. We will soon link these tools through the Models & Tools page of the FuseNet site as well.