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Linking Education and Research to Industry

More than 80% of the ITER budget is spent in industry, and many firms play an essential role in the design, engineering and construction of ITER components and installations. This is vital experience for the roadmap to fusion power plants. FuseNet coordinates the Europe-wide education and training efforts for the younger generations and supports students to do international projects. We act as a matchmaker, connecting research institutes and industrial firms to Master and PhD students.

There are many activities of FuseNet in which industry can be involved, be it through participation, collaboration, sponsoring or advice. FuseNet:

  • publishes internships for students in industry;
  • supports students to go on internships (EC grants);
  • facilitates research collaboration with industry for PhD students;
  • supports joint educational activities (summer schools, workshops);
  • supports individual learning opportunities;
  • collects educational material and set up hands-on experiments for students;
  • provides through its website a platform for announcing news and collaborations;
  • can serve as the intermediary between industries and educational institutions to implement the demand of the professional field into the educational programmes.

FuseNet Matchmaking Service

Presently, FuseNet is working on a matchmaking service for internships. A good matchmaking service requires a steady stream of interesting internships, which is where industry plays a pivotal role. We are constantly looking for industry partners for internship positions for the engineering/physics Master students in fusion in Europe. Get in touch with FuseNet via the contact page.