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FuseNet Experiments - Thorello device

Experiment: Toroidal Plasma Device for Turbulence Studies

Location: Plasmaprometeo Center at Milano-Bicocca University

Description: The experimental device has the capability of producing low temperature magnetised plasmas in steady conditions, which can be mantained stable even in hour long operations, in a reproducible set-up. Students can use the device to study and characterize the plasma state in particular the turbulent regimes that show up in magnetised plasmas. Other reserch topics include plasma-wave interactions, low temperature plasma diagnostics and anomalous transport.

Target group: Master and doctoral students specialising in plasma physics with particular interest in plasma turbulence and advanced signal analysis methods, like conditional sampling and intermittent spectra.

Use and Access: Thorello is used by master students during the course of the Plasma Physics Laboratory within the Plasma Physics curriculum at University of Milano-Bicocca. It is also available for master and doctoral students doing research.

Documentation: Download the documentation of the experiment by clicking here (FuseNet members only).

Contact person: Claudia Riccardi