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FuseNet Experiments - GOLEM Tokamak

Experiment: GOLEM tokamak

Location: Czech Technical University

Description: GOLEM is a small-sized tokamak device equipped with basic controls and diagnostics and full remote control capability for educational purposes.

Target group: Bachelor and master students wanting to learn about tokamak operation. At an introductory level: the very basics of tokamak operation are demonstrated, and students are acquainted with key plasma properties and tokamak operational limits. At an advanced level: the concept of MHD equilibrium, MHD eigenmodes, turbulence and radiation are studied by making simple measurements of basic properties. Any other fields can be considered for studies based on individual proposals.
Use and access: Both local and remote users can make good use of the capabilities of the GOLEM tokamak. Numerous measurements have been taken from all over the world, even during regular student laboratory courses. The main use is, however, during concentrated education activities, like the GOMTRAIC GOlem reMote TRAIning Course attracting students from all over the world every year. The easiest access for individual users is through the yearly GOMTRAICs, while institutions can contact the GOLEM team for regular or occasional operational windows.

Documentation: Download the documentation of the experiment by clicking here (FuseNet members only).

Contact person: Vojtech Svoboda