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Hello readers,

My name is Andrea, half Italian and half Greek. PhD student in UK, I’m 25 and male (just to clarify, in case there are any Spanish or American readers) and if FuseNet doesn’t close this blog too early, I will try to tell some nice stories here :) (and along the way, also get the Amazon voucher:-).

I'm a material scientist

If you haven’t ever heard it before: no, it isn’t archeology, as someone asked me. Material science is the perfect balance between physics and chemistry, finalised to the development of new innovative materials, which are needed to enable commercial fusion reactors.

We are like Balto, half physicst and half chemist

For our bipolar nature, materials scientist are… discriminated would sound too strong.. XD hated also.. let’s say “not taken seriously” :D, both by physics and chemists. Do you know the lone Balto? Half dog and half wolf (and cool)? We are like Balto, half physicst and half chemist - but remember... at the end it was Balto who led the sledge race and brought the expedition to a good end!