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PhD students share their experience on FuseNet

This month FuseNet has succesfully launched the PhD BloG project to provide a platform on which students can share their experiences with peers around Europe, and inspire other students!

The fusion professionals of the future: eight PhD students

The first eight PhD students in fusion science & technology opened their BLOG on the website, and six of them (see their photos below) have already introduced themselves in their first blog article, which you can read at:

FuseNet is grateful that these writers capture us with their stories, their research, and let us learn from them.

Learn from the PhD students!

Do you want to know more why relativistic runaway electrons avalances are important for fusion reactors, or find out what it's like to settle down as a foreigner in the UK? Do you know why fusion is like building a cathedral? What majestic, sub-real, and delightful revelation got Francisco into a fusion PhD?

Want to see the Helloween outfit of a fusion PhD student? Have you heard about the bipolar nature of material scientists, which "peasky little particles" Jonathan is hunting, and perhaps most importantly, have you learned from Emilie why plasma physicists are Phun???

These blogs provide you an insight into the study, the progress and setbacks of the research, but also the personal struggles and joys of PhD students in fusion science and technology. You can follow the live reports from the students, watch their photo galleries and youtube videos, as they participate in events and internships around the world.

A great instrument to share the experience of PhD students

As the European fusion education network, FuseNet is very keen to provide a platform on which students can share experience and knowledge with other fusion students around Europe. The blogs can trigger responses and inspire others. It also may promote the interaction between fusion students throughout Europe, and - on a more personal level - students learn to reflect on their own work.

Join the club

Do you want to join this club? Or do you know someone of your group who might be interested? Click here or e-mail us at: