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Experiments - Stellarator TJ-K

Experiment: Stellarator TJ-K

Location: Institute of Interfacial Process Engineering and Plasma Technology, Stuttgart

Description: The experiment TJ-K is a fusion device of stellarator type. Although TJ-K was originally constructed to be operated with a fusion plasma, at IGVP it is operated with a low-temperature plasma. The reduced temperature enables probe measurements inside the plasma with high temporal and spatial resolution. At the same time, dimensionless plasma parameters, which control the turbulent dynamics, are similar to those in the edge region of fusion plasmas. Three microwave heating sources operating at different frequencies allow for plasma generation at background magnetic fields from 50 mT up to 500 mT. The research topics are on the one hand the investigation of plasma dynamics by multi-probe arrays and a high-speed camera and comparing the results with numerical simulations and on the other hand the experimental and numerical investigation of plasma-microwave interaction.

Target group: Bachelor, master and doctoral students can learn the basics about stellarator physics and become familiar with the principles of a set of fusion relevant diagnostics. At an advanced level, the interplay between turbulent transport and zonal flows, potentially leading to a suppression of transport, can be investigated. Due to the dimensionless similarity to fusion edge plasmas, the work performed at TJ-K can contribute to the general understanding of the aforementioned phenomena. Different scenarios on how to heat over-dense plasmas by means of microwaves can be studied and optimized.

Use and access:  Bachelor, master and doctoral theses are regularly performed at TJ-K. Topics for potential theses are provided upon request.

Contact person: Mirko Ramisch (email:, Alf Köhn (email: