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Plasma Physics

Master Course “Plasma Physics” course number 10400 at DTU Physics, Technological Specialisation Course, (Physics and Nanotechnology)

The objective of the course is to give the students an understanding of what plasma is, how it behaves, and in which scientific and industrial contexts plasmas appear. Particular attention is given to the understanding of plasmas that are encountered in the development of fusion energy. The course will give the student insight into how the dynamics in plasma is modelled mathematically, and on the basis of simplified models give the student the ability to model fundamental plasma phenomena. The acquired knowledge from this course provides a foundation for advanced studies of fusion plasmas, astrophysical plasmas and technological plasmas that, among other applications, are used for nano-structuring of surfaces and a broad set of industrial processes.




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Plasma Physics - DTU-Physics course nr. 10400
Technical University of Denmark