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FuseNet Assocation Work Packages 2018 - 2019

Below you can find the work packages that each form a subset of the operations carried out by the FuseNet Association, as agreed by its General Assembly. The work packages are divided into a set of core activities (Basic Operations) and all other activities (Extended Operations), and each is managed by its own Work Package leader.

The Basic Operations (first 4 work packages) entail all activities related to the basic operations that are needed to keep the organisation alive, and are largely covered by the membership fees.

The Extended Operations are intended to further carry out the mission of the association and iniate, coordinate and execute activities for the benefit of fusion education in Europe. FuseNet looks for external sources to fund these activities. The editorial work on the website within work package 3 and award of best thesis to Master and PhD students in work package 4 are funded through a contract with EUROfusion from the extended operations.

FuseNet Association Work Packages 2018-2019
No. Title Leader
Basic Operations (Continuous)
WP1 Management and Support Roger Jaspers
WP2 Funding Opportunities Evgenia Benova
WP3 Website and Outreach (also part of EF-D) Sabina Griffith
WP4 Academic Council (also part of EF-D) Ambrogio Fasoli
Extended Operations - EUROfusion contract D (Jan 1, 2018 - Jan 1, 2019)
WP5 Organization of annual Fusion PhD event Roddy Vann
WP7 Support to the development of new educational activities Ulrich Stroth
WP8 Development of joint educational tools Jean-Marie Noterdaeme
WP9 Industry and Training Robert Geisser
WP10 Coordination of advisory mission to developing countries Roger Jaspers
WP11 Support to the education of Master students Jan Mlynar
Extended Operations - ANNETTE Project (Jan. 1, 2016 - Dec. 31, 2019)
ANN ANNETTE Project Christian Schonfelder

More information about each work package and brief statements of activity description and resources, will be provided in the course of this year.