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FuseNet WorkPlan 2016-2017 - Work Package 8

Work Package 8

Title: Development of Joint Educational Tools


This work package aims at continuing the successful action within the FP7 FuseNet project to develop educational tools, with a particular emphasis to Online Education. The goal is to strengthen existing educational experiments, develop new educational hardware or teaching material (such as textbooks, multimedia tools) and explore the possibilities for e-learning material, MOOCs and online teaching tools.


  • Develop new or upgrade existing hands-on educational hardware
  • Develop strategy with respect to new educational multimedia tools, e-learning material and online courses
  • Support some pilot projects in the e-learning tools.
  • Provide support and guidance to the production of the textbook on Fusion Technology (process initiated under FuseNet FP7 project)


  • Documented plan for WP8 for the next contractual period.
  • Progress report on the production of the Textbook on Fusion Technology.

Italic: private deliverable, only available to logged-in FuseNet Board Members.