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FuseNet WorkPlan 2016-2017 - Work Package 10

Work Package 10

Title: Consultancy for PhD programmmes


Play the role of a consulting body in the establishment of the criteria for a high quality educational program for PhD’s and organize the accreditation of such programmes on the request of EUROfusion. This task was already started in 2015 and should be completed in the first quarter of 2016.


  • Decide on and establish panel to evaluate doctoral training in European countries. Decide metrics to measure “fusion added value” in European doctoral training, consulting the panel. Ask EUROfusion to confirm that it is content with the choice of metrics, the panel and the proposed evaluation process. Completed in 2015.
  • Issue request for data on the metrics and receive countries’ submissions by a deadline to be decided (this request may be issued by EUROfusion and coordinated by FuseNet). Completed in 2015.
  • Hold panel meetings to evaluate (a) countries' four page submissions provided in 2014 and (b) their additional data for the metrics. To be done in beginning of 2016.
  • Provide report to EUROfusion that contains the scores for the countries’ fusion PhD training programmes and their plans for improving these, a individual recommendation to each EUROfusion member on how to improve the PhD programme, and FuseNet's comments on the evaluation process including how it may be improved in future. To be done in beginning of 2016.


  • Report with criteria for grading PhD-level educational programs. Completed in 2015.
  • Report on the evaluation and EUROfusion accreditation.

Italic: private deliverable, only available to logged-in FuseNet Board Members.