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Claim Form - Master Internship Support

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FuseNet Master Student Internship Support

Initial Claim Form

Please note that your claim request will only be processed if your application for FuseNet support in one of the funding programs listed on the funding overview page has been accepted.

This form is the initial claim form that can be used for claiming earlier approved travel support and the first half of subsistence contribution related to your internship. To make the final claim, click here.

Declarations of travel and pieces of evidence concerning your FuseNet funded internship must be submitted through this form.


  • Submission of the claim form on the FuseNet website via this webform.
  • The initial student payment consisting of travel support and first half of the subsistence contribution is made upon presentation of the invoice and associated tickets for the travel and a defined element of prove for having arrived at the internship location by means of (preferably) a statement of the receiving institute, a copy of rental contract or personal campus/access card. The payment is done after FuseNet has received all necessary information.

  • Final bank transfer will typically be given within two weeks after complete submission of this form.