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Master Internship Support

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FuseNet Master Student Internship Support

Final claim form

After your internship has been completed, you can use this form to claim the second part of prior-approved financial support of your internship (consisting of 50% of the subsistence support).

In order to claim this final contribution, this form must be submitted no later than 3 months after the internship end date.

Through this webform you have to provide the following elements of proof:

  • Your internship report - format: pdf file.
  • Attestation letter - signed by the local supervisor of the host institute (i.e. the supervisor on location of your internship abroad), to confirm your attendance in the specified period.
  • Short article for FuseNet website: Please make a short article (typically A5 or A4-size) that summarizes the internship work and visit, for publication on the FuseNet website. This article typically contains a mixture of what you did and learned for your study and personal experiences - format: doc, docx, odf, txt. Of course, we would appreciate an acknowledgement to EUROfusion and FuseNet for providing support.
  • A photo to accompany the article: Please submit at least one photo that can accompany the article - format: jpg, jpeg, png. This can be both photos taken in a lab or at work during the internship, or photos on location in your free time.
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