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The Mad Scientist

This is a photo of my desk. Yes, I’m proud of this mess.

Because there are relevant advantages for this:

  1. “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Albert Einstein.
  2. If I find the solution for fusion energy the intelligence services will have some troubles during the perquisition.
  3. Remembering where every single object, note or sample is located keeps your mind trained.
  4. You can say that you own an example of dada art mixed with pop elements, where the aim to celebrate the heroic gesture of a PhD student, who resists in a society annihilated to descry the right ethics in the thunderstorm of time, is perfectly represented.
  5. Like who loses at the Mikado pick-up game, you understand suddenly if someone “touched” your stuff.
  6. You can concentrate more on your research, and so for the behalf of humanity, since you care less of your desk order.
  7. If you spot your supervisor coming at your desk for one of those long and boring discussions you can suddenly hide below the stack of papers.


I submitted this pic for a contest, if you liked the picture I would invite you to look also the others in this link and vote yours favourite.




PS The structure of this post is inspired by the Italian blog Oltreuomo.