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FuseNet 2015 PhD Event - Travel compensation

Please submit your claims before December 1, 2015 so that we can process them directly after. A first batch will be processed in the week of December 1.


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Participants of the 2015 FuseNet PhD event in Prague can qualify for a (partial) contribution of travelling expenses. For students that are eligible, FuseNet offers the following refund scheme that is based on rules similar to the Erasmus+ Horizon 2020 programme. Students have to book their own travel/tickets, and FuseNet only offers the following refund up to a maximum cost that depends on the distance.

Our refund scheme provides a maximum refund of actually made costs, based on the shortest (one-way) travel distance between your 'home' and the 'event location' in Prague. For your departure ('home' location) we assume you will travel from your place of work or home university, or a shorter distance. I.e. we do not refund travel from further away private locations etc.

This contribution to the travel costs of eligible participants of the PhD event only applies for travel from the participant's place of origin to the venue of the activity and return. This means costs for traveling during the event are not covered. For traveling to and from the airport to the city center of Prague, we refund costs of 150 CZK per travel as needed for the city-bus (i.e. use the bus and not a taxi). The distance between the two locations is computed using the Distance Measurement Tool of Google Maps (measuring in a straight line to the location on city-level). In case of disputes, the Executive Office of FuseNet has the right to determine the distance without further rights for appeal.

You must provide tickets/pieces of evidence to get a refund. The following table provides the maximum refund, based on the travel distance:

Travel distance (km)     Maximum individual refund (€)
100-499     180
500-1999     275
2000-2999     360
3000-3999     530
4000-7999     820
8000+     1100

For those who travel by car, we offer a refund of 0,20€ per kilometer, per vehicle (i.e. not for passengers), with the same maximum refunds as listed in the table above. In case of any disputes or unclarity of the rules, FuseNet has the right to determine, change or cancel the amount of refund. To apply for the travel costs refund for the 2015 FuseNet PhD event, please complete the form below.

NOTE: Please submit all claims before December 1st, so that we can process them at once shortly after. We require you to upload pieces of evidence (Certificate of Attendance of the event, and tickets).