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  • Play to learn!

Play to learn!

Would you like to know more about fusion - but not the hard way? Would you prefer the interactive PC models to textbooks? Then we have a good news for you. In FuseNet we noticed that there were very few computer “toy models” to share the fascinating world of fusion research and decided to improve this. Today you are invited to try our first products: the virtual fusion exhibition and JET remote handling tool, the virtual ITER components tool, the GOLEM virtual model and the online plasma calculator. And more advanced users can also find information about the METIS tokamak plasma simulation tool.


Virtual Exhibition Starting point for the JET remote handling tool

We believe that every child as well as (almost) every university professor shall enjoy the virtual walk around the fusion exhibits, concluded by the opportunity to train your skills with the remote handling boom in the virtual JET torus. To all those that are already engaged in fusion science and engineering, and in the ITER project: the ITER tool gives a stunning visualisation of the reactor's main components. For both the JET and ITER virtual tools, the programme has to be downloaded to a PC with a Windows operating system.

While the ITER tool presents the largest tokamak ever to be built, the GOLEM virtual model visualises one of the smallest and currently the oldest operating tokamak worldwide. Unlike in the real world, the virtual model allows to remove components from the view, and lets visitors fly through the machine as if they were ghosts. And why not trying a few experiments from the GOLEM virtual control room?


The METIS plasma simulation tool that is linked to the CRONOS transport code

Last but not least, the online plasma calculator shall be appreciated by all those who have already found the charm of the textbooks (or who are forced to search the charm…) and who need to quantify either some excercises, or even ideas. All these tools will open in your web browser.

Details can be found at FUSENET Fusion Tools, Models and Codes webpage:

To be continued…