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Mark Verbeek - Master graduation project at ITER

Mark Verbeek has recently done a part of his master graduation project at ITER on the topic of Non-Linear MHD Simulations of Edge-Localised Modes (ELMs). For his work at ITER, Mark received FuseNet funding.

Davide Silvagni - Winter Event 2016

Davide Silvagni visited the Eramus Mundis Winter Event on the 25th and 26th of February, 2016. He made many new friends and got a chance to visit the ITER construction site. His participation was funded by FuseNet.

Stef Schenkelaars - Master Internship at KSTAR

Stef Schenkelaars performed his master internship at KSTAR in South-Korea where he optimised the analysis algorithm of the Motional Stark Effect diagnostic system. His internship was supported by FuseNet.

Enrique Casado Romero - Winter Event in Cadarache

Enrique Casado Romero attended the Erasmus Mundus Winter Event in Cadarache and had an unforgettable experience visiting ITER. His participation to this educational event was funded by FuseNet.

Aleksandr Iashin - Plasma Diagnostics course in Lausanne

Aleksandr Iashin attended a course on Plasma Diagnostics at the Swiss Plasma Center in Lausanne. His attendence to this educational activity was funded by FuseNet.

Karol Jesko - EPFL Course on Plasma Diagnostics

Karol Jesko was funded by FuseNet so he could attend the EPFL course: Diagnostics for basic plasma physics devices and tokamaks: from principles to practice.

Marek Ruščák - Internship at Research Centre Řež

Marek Ruščák performed his internship at Research Centre Řež. He learned a lot about fusion and more specifically his work on the EUROfusion project thought him a great deal about the DEMO project. The internship was supported by FuseNet.

Timo Ravensbergen - Internship at ITER and CEA

Timo Ravensbergen went to ITER and CEA as part of the internship of his master Mechanical Engineering. Working together with all the inspiring and dedicated people was very motivating for him. His internship was funded by FuseNet.

Karsten Arts - Internship at ITER

With support of FuseNet, Karsten Arts went for his internship to the ITER Organization where he worked on microwave detectors in the In-Vessel Diagnostics section.

Ivana Abramovic - Internship at Berkeley

Ivana Abramovic performed her Master Internship at the University of California Berkeley. She is really passionate about her work and is happy the funding by FuseNet allowed her to do this exciting project.

Sophia Henneberg - Stellarator-Heliotron Workshop

Sophia Henneberg was funded by FuseNet to attend the International Stellarator-Heliotron Workshop at Greifswald. She learned a lot about stellarators and was able to extend her network.

Hugo Arnichand - Research Visit to FZ Jülich

Hugo Arnichand is finishing his PhD thesis and went to FZ Jülich for a final meeting with his German co-supervisor. They discussed the last results and his PhD manuscript. Hugo's trip was funded by FuseNet

Albert Garcia - Master Thesis at KIT

For Albert Garcia, last year was a great experience. He was challenged by working in important institutes and collaborating with people from other countries. His trip was partially funded by FuseNet.

Francesco Sciortino - Research at Princeton

Francesco Sciortino had a fantastic time living in Princeton during his research placement. He recommends all young scientists to gain some hands-on experience during their studies. His stay was partially funded by FuseNet.

Jeffery Zielinski - 8th Festival de Theorie

Jeffery Zielinski joined the 2015 edition of the Festival de Théorie in Aix-en-Provence from 6 - 24 July. He was enabled to join this educational event by FuseNet funding.

Brendan Shanahan - 20th ISHW

Brendan Shanahan attended the 20th edition of the International Stellarator-Heliotron Workshop organized by the IPP. His trip was financially supported by FuseNet.

Julien Denis - 12th Carolus Magnus Summer School

Julien Denis attended the 12th Carolus Magnus Summer School in Leuven. He has had a great time and recommends the summer school to anyone new in the world of fusion.

Alina Eksaeva - IPP Summer University 2015

From the 14th to 18th of September Alina Eksaeva joined the IPP Summer University on Plasma Physics and Fusion Research. Read about her experiences here.

Gaurav Shroff - iaps4fusion

Gaurav Shroff joined the iaps4fusion excursion to Oxford University, JET and the Imperial College, for which he got funding by FuseNet. You can read his interesting story here or take a look at his blog.