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  • The Student Council of FuseNet


What is the Student Council?

The student council (SC) is a permanent advisory body of FuseNet. It aims to bring the voice of students within the FuseNet Board of Governors (BoG), such that they can adapt their strategy and focus of activities to the needs of the student. The SC is composed of both master students studying a field relevant for fusion at a university who is a FuseNet member and PhD candidates who have a PhD contract with one of the FuseNet members on a fusion relevant topic. Members of the SC have a live meeting once per year usually at the FuseNet PhD event. 

The first FuseNet student council was established in October 2018. Its members are:

  • Andrea Dal Molin
  • Ella Fox-Widdows
  • Pedro Lourenço
  • Davide Silvagni
  • Ondřej Ficker
  • Dario Cruz Malagon
  • Robin Somers
  • Maria Morbey

If you want to contact us send an e-mail to:

The Student Council periodically reports to the Board of the Association. 


Meet the members


Andrea Dal Molin

I’m currently a PhD student at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Milan (Italy) where I also completed my MSc in Plasma Physics. My institute is one of the oldest members of FuseNet so it was easy for me to get exposed during my studies to the opportunities offered by this amazing association. I strongly believe that FuseNet is a crucial player for fusion in Europe. As a member of the student council I try to increase the awareness of the opportunities FuseNet can offer between students and institutions.

Ella Fox-Widdows

I’m a second year PhD student at the University of Liverpool, England, as part of the UK Fusion CDT. I joined this program after completing a Masters in Mathematics and Physics at the University of York with a focus on low temperature plasmas in fusion. My main aim as a member of the FuseNet council is to connect European fusion students and represent British students within this group as well as creating more opportunities for women to engage with fusion research.

Pedro Lourenço

I’m a Physics Engineer working on real-time control applications for Nuclear Fusion devices and currently concluding the last year of the 4-year Advanced Program on Plasma Physics and Engineering PhD programme at Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear/Instituto Superior Técnico (IPFN-IST) in Lisbon, Portugal.

Davide Silvagni

I am a 2nd-year PhD candidate at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics and at the Technical University of Munich. I come from Rome, Italy, where I started my university education studying Energy Engineering at Sapienza University. Later I joined the European Master of Science in Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics, studying at Lorraine University (France) and at Carlos III University (Madrid).

Ondřej Ficker

I am a fourth year PhD student studying and working at the Institute of Plasma Physics in Prague and at the Czech Technical University. I did my master at the CTU as well and focus namely on runaway electron physics, inversion problems (tomography) and neutron detection. I participate in experiments on COMPASS, MST1 devices and also JET. Within the Student Council of FuseNET, I try to represent the students from the “new EU countries” and push for improvement of code sharing in the student community.

Darío Andrés Cruz Malagón

I am a 4th year PhD candidate at CIEMAT and the UPM in Madrid, Spain, working on materials research and development for future DEMO devices. My background is both in Physics and Energy Engineering, as well as the FUSION-EP master programme. I think that the Fusion community is a very skilled global team that is working to achieve a scientific and technological breakthrough for the sake of our future generations. Fusenet plays a key role in preparing the next generation of fusion experts that will continue the development of Fusion and I believe that the Student Council is essential in optimizing the student-aimed initiatives of Fusenet.

Robin Somers

I am a soon to graduate MSc candidate. I obtained a Bachelor in Engineering Physics at Ghent University, after which I joined the European Master of Science in Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics also known as Fusion-EP (stepping in the footprints of Dario and Davide). As the youngest member of the student council, I try to represent the many enthusiastic master students in fusion. 

Maria Morbey

I am a second year master student in the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. I encountered fusion during my exchange program to Eindhoven, as you can imagine, I loved it and decided to stay. Enjoying my studies so much I wanted to take every opportunity I could to enlarge my knowledge in fusion. While searching for fusion events, I came across fusenet and in their website found out about two different fusion workshops which I attended. Having such great experiences  I decided to become a member of the student council and help more students to discover the opportunities that are out there.


Participation in Recent Activities

  • Culham Plasma Physics Summer School
  • Participation at ITER’s Industrial Forum
  • ITER PhD Event 
  • Reunión Anual Sociedad Nuclear Española
  • EPS conference 2019