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Pat Boone sees privately funded fusion as solution to world's needs

Pat Boone, famous in the US as an American singer and actor, has recently been very active in by bringing the subject of fusion power to the attentions of the masses.

"Friend, fellow citizen, America – and indeed, the world, the earth and its people – hangs in the balance. Two choices. We as an informed and aroused citizenry can prevail on our leaders who have billions and trillions of our tax money to direct, to get back on track and push America to the head of the line, so that we control future energy, not China. Or we must reach our industrial leaders, the actual geniuses who birthed and grew the Internet, cellular communication, atomic energy, supersonic travel to the moon and outer space … with and without governmental help. It’s up to us."

Read the complete article of Pat Boone, called "America's Urgent Energy Alert".


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Pat Boone has written a series of Eight articles on fusion power development efforts over the last year.  Starting from a simple description of fusion and the imperative to develop it, Pat transitioned to a study on the American Magnetic Confinement developments through the 1980s and most recently addressed Inertial Confinement and LIFE under the NNSA in the United States.  The entire series of 8 articles may be retrieved at Look for the two pictures of Pat Boone on the home page and the article indexes over his pictures.