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FuseNet NewsLetter - February 2013

Contents of this newsletter:

FuseNet General Assembly approves workplan for post FP7 period

On February 5-6, 2013, the General Assembly of the FuseNet Association convened at Sofia University, reviewing the achievements made in the FuseNet FP7 project and discussing a strategic work plan to continue supporting and coordinating European fusion education in the period thereafter.


FuseNet Association welcomes IFP Milan and Charles University Prague!

The Board of Governors of FuseNet welcomes the two latest new members to the Association. The Istituto di Fisica del Plasma CNR of Milan (IFP) is a research institute of the Italian Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR). Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, was founded in 1348 and is one of the world's oldest universities.

Both universities were already present in the FuseNet project when it started as seventh Framework Programme. Read more on these latest two members of the Association on the FuseNet site:

Education in the EFDA roadmap

EFDA has released a roadmap that aims to bring fusion electricity to the grid by 2050. The outcome of the ITER reactor plays a central role in the quest to complete the 8 missions that are defined and need to be achieved to make commercial reactor application possible in the second half of this century.

In the document, there is also an important role for education and training, recognizing the importance of a good human resource strategy to stay on the roadmap track. Read more about education and the EFDA roadmap here:

Student-built Fusor produces first neutrons

The first neutrons were measured last month in a new fusor device, built at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Students have taken an active role in the design and construction of this fusor, that was built with support of FuseNet. On the photo here you can see the fusor in star-mode operation, while at the right you can see the bubbles generated by neutrons in the bubble detector.

FuseNet Image of the Month February 2013

Rendering that shows the complex system of ports, pipes, ducts and connections in the ITER tokamak building.

In the mid-plane view the equatorial ports can be seen: in green the diagnostic equatorial ports are shown, in grey color the ports for the neutral beams, in brown the ports with space reserved for the ICRH/ECRH and LH systems, and in purple on the East side are the 3 test blanket modules.

For more images of the month, please check the left bar of the FuseNet website.

Rendering of the ports, connections and pipes inside the ITER Tokamak building
(click on the photo for a higher resolution version)