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Term's gone, it’s time to Fuse some music!

It is the end of the second term here at Warwick University and so many cool things just happened. We will go briefly on how I got my Visa renewed, and why applying to funds comes handy when money is short, and finally that life is music, as the second term was the remarkable conclusion of a hard work concert that is called Warwick Fused.

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The process to renew the Visa for My son, Wife and Me ended with the expected conclusion, we got it. It is worth mentioning that it all cost around £1000 pounds, plus the passport pictures £5 each (twice as they did not like it first time) and another £60 for the Biometric data. Luckily, after two weeks we received ours new ID cards, and passports back. So happy end on this and remember to start early, minimum of two months before expiration date.

During the second term, it also happened that we ran into some economical difficulties given the extra money for the Visa, and mainly because I am married man with a kid. My family, they are very important for the story though. My wife, she is also a PhD in physics (astronomy) at Warwick, so we manage (struggle) to get everything in time for the three of us. My son, he is three and he goes to nursery every day. Nursery’s are expensive here in UK, and for those who does not know prices vary between £850 to £1000 a month. In conclusion,  we parents cannot  afford the smallest variations of money, yes planning ahead is crucial. Happily our successful application to the Donald Bates Bequest fund helped us cover some ground and we are now back on track.

On a funny note of having a kid, consider the moment when your code finally run and you carried your excitement back home only to found out that your son did a paint of his family, and that mom is praising him for the achievement, then you kindly forget about that precious moment snap out of your hands that was finding the bug, what a small and simple thing is a code compared to your son draw. Anyway, you better start seeking for a friend who like those numerical stuff cause he will always have mom’s heart!

On a more festive tune, This term was also the culmination of several months of practice and rehearsal time that led into a single moment of time, Warwick Fused III the concert. This spectacular concert, at the Warwick art centre, displaying the talent of the greatest musical societies you could ever seen in one stage, playing all kinds of traditional music from India, China, South America, Traditional English Folk, Greek, pans and drums, Warwick Choir, Symphonic orchestra, and the list continues … What a great concert! Ups, I forgot to mention the group I play with, the Warwick World Music Group WWMG, yeah that’s right the real gist. Well, we are good and we certainly deserve lots of credit for carrying this concert during the last three years. Yet, this concert has come to be the true face of all the musical backgrounds shared by student coming from all the globe to do studies at the Warwick University; and sure is the same case in all universities around Europe.

I would like to share some of the songs performed during Warwick fused II, so scroll down and enjoy !

Listen to some semi-Profesional recordings!



and see you in the next Fusenet Blog.