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Wedding - The Fusion of Two People

Six FuseNet students and one bride

Yes, I got married! To anyone else about to tie the knot, I'd like to offer just one piece of advice - you should practise smiling on cue and for extended periods of time.  We had a nice civil ceremony in the beautiful city of Salisbury. I am currently writing this blog entry on honeymoon in Paris; I'm taking this much-needed break ahead of an action-packed new term starting tomorrow.

It has been a while since my last blog entry, but my research has been going steadily - I have almost finalised experimental plans to test some theoretical work I've been doing. We are hoping to eventually create and probe a new and exotic type of plasma using the Extreme Ultraviolet laser I worked on in Colorado. Our research group has been hoping to buy that particular laser to conduct experiments at the York Plasma Institute, but the funding has unfortunately not been forthcoming. This probably means that I'll have to go over there again, which should be quite fun - always interesting to see how my colleagues "across the pond" do things.

I am also looking forward to going to this year's student FuseNet meeting in Portugal - another chance to see the latest research by my colleagues in other countries working on different aspects of fusion.

Finally, I'd like to thank the guys from the FuseNet website for sending me a gift voucher, which I used to buy a tent for myself and my new wife to stay in during part of our honeymoon.