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FuseNet ANNETTE Project

ANNETTE Project 2016-2020

Title: Coordination of the Nuclearization of Fusion


The European ambition is to bring fusion electricity to the grid by 2050. To realize this, the fusion development programme is making a triple transition: from lab-work to industrial involvement, from science driven to technology driven and from essentially non-nuclear to nuclear technology. To facilitate the latter, i.e. the nuclear transition, is the objective of this work package. This transition has major consequences for the composition and competences of the workforce. This work package, (part of the ANNETTE proposal submitted together with ENEN as response to a call by EURATOM) aims to link the available nuclear knowledge on this nuclear training in the fission community with the needs in the fusion community.

In line with the mission of FuseNet, we aim with this project to contribute to the increase of nuclear knowledge within the fusion system (the nuclearization of fusion).


  • Investigate and specify the competence needs for transition of fusion to nuclear technology.
  • Design and development of fusion specific training addressing the competence needs as specified in the first subtask.
  • Implement and evaluate courses or other forms of learning as designed and developed in the previous subtask
  • Support the participation in nuclear training activities


  • Report on the competence needs with respect to nuclearization of fusion
  • Report on the available nuclear training programmes of relevance for fusion, and identification of the gaps. The report will give recommendations on how to fill these gaps.
  • Report on the newly developed fusion specific nuclear training courses.
  • Report on a pilot run of training courses on nuclear awareness for the fusion field. The report will include recommendations for further development of this or similar courses.
  • Report on the participation of fusion professionals in nuclear training activities, and recommendations for further improving the efficiency of the training programme.


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